We know that many people limit their daily life simply because they are menstruating. This is something we want to avoid. With Nudah Basics absorbent underwear you can feel comfortable during your cycle. The absorbent underwear can be used during all the days of your period and the time of use varies according to each person and the intensity of their flow.

Nudah Basics underwear can be used as the only protection, replacing conventional methods such as pads, pantyliners, tampons, cups, etc. They can also be used as a back up to any product to prevent leaks.

Postpartum, incontinence, perimenopause or your day to day

It's common to feel like you need a reinforcement over traditional underwear for times like postpartum, incontinence, perimenopause, when you exercise, or just anytime in your life– you don't need any special reason! We had this in mind when we designed Nudah Basics absorbent underwear to give you maximum protection and not have to worry anymore.


From the beginning stages, all the materials of the absorbent underwear were chosen by a team of professional women working for your comfort, care and confidence.

Your intimate part is in contact with 100% Peruvian organic pima cotton with a 100% natural and sustainable antibacterial wash. This wash reduces odors, bacteria and moisture in the absorbent underwear without using dangerous components or toxic substances. This makes you feel dry when you are wearing Nudah Basics.

Our absorbent underwear holds between 15-150 ml (3-30 teaspoons), depending on the style.
We recommend wearing the absorbent underwear up to 8 or 12 hours for maximum protection.
It is important to emphasize that the duration of each style varies depending on each person's use, flow and preference.