Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Nudah Basics absorbent underwear feature different layers of fabrics that help absorb liquids and prevent leaks:

  1. Breathable layer of 100% Peruvian organic pima cotton with natural antibacterial wash that helps you feel dry and decreases odors, bacteria and moisture.
  2. Absorbent layers of cotton or polyester (depending on the style) that absorb and trap liquids so you feel safe.
  3. Waterproof layer of polyester that prevents leaks so you don't have to worry about anything.

Nudah Basics absorbent underwear can replace conventional underwear completely to give you a feeling of security and comfort every day.

For menstruation, they can be used as sole protection, replacing conventional methods such as daily pads, sanitary napkins, tampons, cups, etc. They can also be used as a reinforcement or complement to any insertive product to avoid leakage.

We recommend the Light absorbency 4-pack if you have a light flow, Mixed absorbency 4-pack for a moderate flow and Super absorbency 4-pack for a heavier flow.

To sleep, we recommend our Heavy Sleep (Nocturno) style that offers maximum security with a gusset up to the lower back.

You will notice that the underwear is full if you notice that it is overflowing at the seams.

If it starts to feel damp, we recommend that you replace it with a clean one. After a few wears, you will get used to your Nudah Basics underwear and understand the wear time that best suits you.

We recommend wearing the underwear up to 8-12 hours for maximum protection. It is important to emphasize that the use of each style varies depending on the use you give it, your flow and your own preference.

If this is your first time wearing Nudah Basics, we recommend checking every 3-4 hours if you still feel comfortable and dry.

We recommend that you try our different styles and see how long each one accommodates you for different moments and needs.

It depends on each person and what you will use them for. In general, we recommend that you start with a minimum of four underwear, so you can wash and reuse them.

For menstruation, we recommend:

For the best care of your absorbent underwear, follow these care instructions:

  1. Rinse the underwear after use with cold water.
  2. Hand wash or machine wash in cold water on a delicate cycle.
  3. Use detergent for delicate clothes.
  4. Avoid using bleach or fabric softener.
  5. Avoid dry cleaning, tumble drying and ironing.
  6. Dry flat in the shade.

Remember to wash the underwear with like colors before using them for the first time!

You should wash the underwear after wearing it, following our care instructions.

No, we recommend that you air dry your underwear flat in the shade after washing.

Yes! Nudah Basics absorbent underwear are reusable and can be used for approximately 3 years, depending on its use and level of care.

Sizes tend to run small. If in doubt between sizes, choose the larger size.

Keep in mind what you will use the underwear for; remember that during the menstrual and postpartum period we tend to be a little more swollen than usual.

We suggest that you use the referential size guide to choose the best size for you.

Each Nudah Basics underwear comes inside a recyclable bag, made from recycled plastic waste from the ocean.

The package that reaches your hands is a 100% Peruvian cotton bag – a type of 100% biodegradable and recyclable raw cotton fabric – in order to reduce pollution to our planet. It is designed to be reused before recycling, whether to store delicate clothing (underwear, swimsuit, etc.), travel essentials, or whatever you need it for!

Nudah Basics absorbent underwear are reusable and sustainable, lasting approximately 3 years.

In comparison, throughout a menstrual cycle, a woman uses approximately 5 regular sanitary pads per day, a total of approximately 25 pads for a month. Over the course of a year, each person produces 65kg of waste in sanitary pads alone – each taking approximately 500 years to decompose.

We accept payments by credit card, debit card, and Yape. We also accept payment in installments (with interest) if you use a credit card from BBVA or Diners.

For hygienic reasons, we do not offer refunds, exchanges or returns of the product. The shipping fee is nonrefundable.